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    This has been the craziest day in mma history


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    This has been the craziest day in mma history

    Post by Animosity1oAK on Fri Aug 24, 2012 1:41 am

    i swear to god...first hendo, then jones being a bitch for not taking the fight with sonnen , UFc 151 gets cancelled then machida backing out and now belfort fights jones and Greg jackson goes "jones wouldve fought sonnen on sept 22. This seriously is ridiculous.



    Re: This has been the craziest day in mma history

    Post by Guest on Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:09 pm

    That is the link for Sonnen's thoughts after UFC 151 was cancelled and I agree with him, this had made me lose a lot of repsect for Jones.

    Also, now Vitor Belfort faces Jones at UFC 152 in the main event for the title after Lyoto turned down a fight for the 22nd, I wish they gave it to Weidman though, would have loved to see that fight and Weidman was up for it, he announced on his twitter he would do it.

    Here's a article recapping the events:

    Now, here's Rashad Evans with his thoughts on the matter

    I'm going to be rooting for Belfort the 22nd.


    Re: This has been the craziest day in mma history

    Post by Guest on Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:20 pm

    Different fighters thoughts on the matter from tweets of the week 8/24

    I posted a statement on my fb page. Thank you again for the support and I am truly sorry for the disappointment. -Dan Henderson ‏

    @danhendo Sorry to hear about your knee injury, would have been my honor to compete with you. Heal well, rest up -Jon Bones Jones ‏

    Sorry to hear @danhendo, hoping for a fast recovery buddy -Jake Ellenberger

    30 min to cement your legacy. Champ or Coward? I make a lot more than you do... Show up in 8 days I'll give you my purse. -Chael Sonnen ‏

    @EllenbergerMMA it doesn't matter Chael is always in gangster shape. -Vinny Magalhaes ‏

    Jones said he's not fighting chael on 8 days notice. I did. .... Just sayin -Michael ‏Bisping

    Wow! WTF! #HeartBroken #frankmirface -Danny Castillo ‏

    Fought in Indian casino's & got a few hundred bucks b4 MMA was legal in Cali, was fightin @danhendo & @Randy_Couture n pract b4 Spike or TUF -Urijah Faber ‏

    @sonnench Thanks for trying to step up man. You are my @ufc lightheavy weight champ. -Jeff Hougland ‏

    @sonnench good job stepping up!! -Tim Means ‏

    @sonnench is the smartest guy in the business. Im taking notes. -Charlie Brenneman ‏

    Good thing I saved up for my next fight. -Daron Cruickshank ‏

    @JonnyBones vs @vitorbelfort wow, cannot wait. #MMA #UFC152 -Mark Bocek ‏

    This is crazy! Vitor vs jones I did not see that coming at all lol -Erik Jon Koch ‏

    Guys I will sleep now thanks for all the supporting I come from the old days but I am still around so let do this like a Champion -Vitor Belfort ‏

    I think Machida turning down fight that's couple months away SHOULD shows u guys how much prep really matters... -Benson Henderson ‏

    What a crazy day in MMA! -Shane Del Rosario ‏

    Ok minus the jon jones thing and losing UFC 151. How is everyone's night going lol? -Jamie Varner ‏

    A gangster, a dragon, a phenom and a spider walk into a bar.... -Dave Sholler ‏

    Update: UFC 152 on September 22 will remain named UFC 152. UFC 151 will simply not happen. @ArielHelwani remains good at math. -UFC ‏

    (Gets home.) (Opens up Twitter.) (Closes Twitter.) (Slowly backs out of the room.) -Stipe Miocic ‏

    Seriously sucks for all the guys on the card, can't believe this , hope they all get fights soon, make a UFC on FX with all of them and then a really epic main event.

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    Re: This has been the craziest day in mma history

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