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    Pride 14: Stop The Streak


    Re: Pride 14: Stop The Streak

    Post by Guest on Sun Sep 09, 2012 3:30 pm

    Wise wrote:
    xxfreperxx wrote:
    AKA44EVER wrote:twincity ain't never online and he hasnt accepted my friend request,its my only fight i have left to do,can i get a replacement for twin or something?
    put me in to fight aka44ever as a replacement for twincitybadguy,i seem to always run in to aka online,shouldnt be a problem getting fight done.
    Yea bro,i will replace Twincity with you on the next card as soon as Penguin has it up,i'll get Penguin to put the new card up.
    It's up, I had already been working on it when you posted this. Smile

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